Bookweek for Beginners wiki
In 2012 it will be held from August 18-24.Celebrations will focus on the announcement of theBook of the Year and this year's theme, Champions Read.

My question to the staff would be, "Are sports champions the only champions?"

and challenge them to think of others who could be considered champions and

dress as that character.
Barbara Braxton

CBCA Shortlist

What about champions such as those who face adversities, such as people fighting illnesses, farmers surviving droughts, doctors who find cures, scientists, etc.

I see all of the above as being "champions" and will be promoting these ideas for my Book Week activities.
Karin Martinello
Orchard Hills PS

IWB activities/lessons based on the 2012 Children's Book Council of Australia's shortlisted titles
Interactive activities at Mrs B's Interactive Literacy:

Get the little ones to plant daffodil bulbs (That's Not a Daffodil - Elizabeth Honey, Early Childhood)
and create a video diary with captions and commentary from the children, upload it and then put a
QR code in the book so everyone could see how Book Week activities had been
embedded into the curriculum. Barbara Braxton