Blogs are read in a public space so be proud of anything

that you post.

· Use first names or a nickname - be a SAFE blogger!

· Make sure that you ask your teacher for permission if you want to post a photo of anyone-including yourself!

· Remember not to post any personal information such as your home phone number or home address!

· Don’t share your password with anyone.

· Do tell your parents or teacher if you come across anything that makes you feeluncomfortable.

· Always check your spelling, grammar and punctuation before posting. We don’t use texting language in blogs.

· Write constructive comments about others writing that will help them and make them feel proud of the effort they have put into their work!

Together we build more understanding.

· Keep in mind that anyone can post anything on the Internet-true or false, right or wrong. Don’t believe everything you read.

· To help you present quality work without errors your work is checked before we publish it on our blog.