# Students are to zap their books under the automatic scanner to return.
# Students are to watch for their name to appear on the screen-otherwise a book could go back on the shelf with their name still on the book.
# After being checked by the student of the week, students then put their books on the correct shelf.
# Follow the signs:-JUN, QUI, GEN, to place the books in the correct pile.
# The non-fiction books can be placed on top of the coloured squares to depict their section and then put away later by adult helpers.

# Students may borrow one book the first week if they have a library bag. Plastic bags are not suitable except in a dire emergency or if it’s a really strong plastic!
Kids tend to put them over their heads or someone elses.
# If the single borrowed book is returned on time (and no other books are outstanding) the students may then borrow two books.
# After some time of being a regular two book borrower the student may be allowed to borrow three books at a time. A TOP KID card is also issued to the student for good library borrowing.
# The command NAME must either be entered by the wand or by typing NAME so the students can proceed to the next step.
# A student is to enter the first three letters of their last name into the computer. They then check on the screen and press enter when the arrow lines up with their name. The book’s barcode may then be zapped.
# Students are to check that their name and the book’s title appear on the screen.
# A tick is then entered into the week’s column on the class list next to the students name. ( will do in new library again) The class list is on display for all to see

# These students are to remain seated after selecting one book using BLIPA. They will participate in **SQUIRT**. We need to keep the middle stairs clear for traffic and to avoid accidents.
# When returning and borrowing is finished the non-borrowers need to place the book back where they got it from only if they are certain about its place-otherwise on the sorting shelves.
# We ask them not to wander and not to move books off other shelves as they often leave a mess, especially as there is difficulty supervising the borrowing procedure and watching all the kids moving around all the shelves.
# Students are welcome to come and browse and seek longer guidance before school or at second half lunch-times when usually I have helpers to assist with various duties..

# Once a student has a book overdue for two weeks an overdue notice is to be distributed.
# If the book is not returned by the next week a reminder is sent home to the parents/carers. If they sign the note indicating they will help find the book and the note is sighted by the librarian we will be happy for a short time.
# However, if the note is not sighted, then the day after the next library lesson the student is requested to sit in the library until
  • the book is returned or
  • the note saying they will help look for the book is sighted, or
  • some other valid reason in given.
What do we want? We just want the book back!!
Believe me I don’t get much company by this method. They suddenly seem to have a reason to remember the book