Inquiry Learning Links:
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Educational Technology: Support for Inquiry-Based Learning
This paper discusses ways ICT can support Inquiry-based learning.

Inquiry Learning In English
Learn how the spirit of inquiry infuses much of the English instruction.

10 Ways To Encourage Student Reflection
Tips for the inquiry classroom.

Be a Risk-Taker: Do Student-Led Conferences
Let students run interviews.

Kath Murdoch: Readings and Presentations
The documents on this page can be downloaded and printed free of charge by teachers to assist in their personal, professional learning.

Inquiry Learning Explanation
Inquiry learning can turn information into useful knowledge. It stresses skill development and nurtures the development of good habits of mind.

Inquiry Rubric
Beginning, developed and accomplished levels.

Inquiry Learning Rubric and Model
It espouses investigation, exploration, search, quest, research, pursuit, and study.

Senior Eagles Inquiry Skills Rubric
Senior Eagles Inquiry Skills Rubric.

Inquiry-Based Learning Rubric
This rubric is for your administrator to use to assess your completion of the assignment in the Implementation section of this workshop.

Focus On Inquiry
A guide to implementing Inquiry-based Learning.

Classroom Management and Inquiry-Based Learning: Finding the Balance
Seven successful strategies one teacher used in managing a grade 6 class.

Managing Inquiry-based Classrooms
Some strategies to manage inquiry-based science classrooms effectively.

Myths About Inquiry Based Learning
The Inquiry Classroom should not be equated with chaos.

Inquiry Learning And Planning
Student interests, needs and questions inform teachers of the appropriate teaching and learning experiences.

Planning Inquiry Lessons
Inquiry-based lesson plans are usually referred to as facilitation plans.

Inquiry Approaches in Maths
Curriculum resources and teaching approaches in Inquiry-based learning.

Maths Mini Inquiry Projects
30 short inquiry projects in brochure format.

Maths Inquiry Rubric
This rubric emphasises analysis and interpretation of results and information

Questioning Toolkit
Types of questions and questioning tools.

Historical Inquiry
Teaching students to engage in the doing of history.


Inquiry Learning Units: Aboriginal Education
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives integrated into units of work.


Inquiry Learning In Mathematics
Principles of Inquiry Learning In Mathematics.

Inquiry-Based Learning
Example of one Inquiry Based Learning and Teaching model.

Lesson 2: How Do I Use Inquiry-Based Learning
Using big ideas in lessons.

Lesson 3: How Can I Better Facilitate Inquiry-Based Learning?
The facilitator\\\'s role in Inquiry Learning in Science.

Lesson 1: Why Should I Include Inquiry-Based Learning
Justification for using Inquiry Learning in Science.

Five-Year-Olds Pilot Their Own Project Learning
Five-Year-Olds Pilot Their Own Project Learning.